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Warning: these links are really old.
But it's not like you were going to click on them anyway.

Friends of Blues Night...


Being the adventures of a young(ish) man whose principal interests are cycling, curry and cycling.

Georgia Red Mud Painter

Steven Chandler, creator of the original artwork The Death of Blind Willie Johnson (which appears in the top left of every page) can be seen here, painting stuff.

The Wheatsheaf

Ex-Home of Blues Night and once-great boozer, now to be the support for a viaduct. Read all about it...



David Trent's Blog

He hates the blues. We love him.





Wunjo Guitars 

BLUES NIGHT's favourite guitar shop. We would normally urge caution when dealing with people who have the words "We're not like the rest. We're your friends!" at the top of their website, but no... go for it... buy something REALLY expensive.




See the LIVE page for current BLUES NIGHT performers' weblinks.


Elizabeth Cotten

plays the guitar. The never-exactly-cool Pete Seeger looks even less cool than usual by way of comparison.



is the Greek Blues. I shall allow Anthony Quinn to explain that for me.

Robert Johnson - Me and The Devil Blues

Usually, when you find homemade music videos on YouTube, they're terrible. Not so here... 

Desktop Blues

If you're a blues fan and you can use a computer, you'll have surely seen this before. But just in case you'd forgotten about it...

Stefan Wirz - best blues discogs on the web




Harry's Blues Language - make sense of it all...






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