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is best described by the pictures above, or feel free to flick through the RECORD SHELF. As long as your hands are clean.

We're tending toward the country blues, but we will play anything if we like it and we can hear the blues in it.

Listen to some of our favourites:

Have you ever listened to any of the music on this page? Have you noticed that it has been unchanged for bloody months? Can you be bothered to send an e-mail through the e-post to OUR CONTACT ADDRESS to ask BLUES NIGHT to send you an ABSOLUTELY FREE CD of similarly dull old shit? Thought not.

Kokomo Arnold - The Twelves (The Dirty Dozens)

Golden Gate Jubilee Singers - Jezebel

Josh White - Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

Bill Williams - Pocahontas

Blind Boy Fuller - Little Sugar So Sweet

J.C. Burris - One of These Mornings

Blind Willie Johnson - Nobody's Fault but Mine

Karen Dalton - Take Me

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