Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

...is that all good music comes from the blues.

BLUES NIGHT has a bigger selection of pre-war country blues records than we have seen in any record shop, anywhere, and a wider variety of records on 78 rpm too. We are not limited to this, however, and we enjoy all kinds of music, through rock and pop, jazz, soul, reggae, hip-hop, house and techno. We even have some classical records (but we don't know much about them, if we're honest.)

We want you to come and have a look, listen to music with us, maybe have a drink and a chat. It's a very nice shed, with good wi-fi and good hi-fi. It is NOT a shop.

If you choose to visit, you are doing so as a private individual, not as a member of the public. The premises is our home, not a place of business. There is no expectation that you should buy anything, but if you have read this far there is every chance that you will find something here that you want.